Gold Canopy Bed: A Dream for the Elegance Room

Jul 18th
White Gold Canopy Bed
White Gold Canopy Bed

Gold canopy bed is one of the symbols of luxury universally recognized. Any noble or real ambience that was devoted to rest was for these luxurious curtains. Usually made of precious and richly decorated fabrics supported by wooden supports that are also worked and carved. Certainly, the canopy bed in the past centuries had, above all, a practical function, especially in its first years of life. It was in fact to protect the lord’s bed from prying eyes, since in the room they often slept on the ground or on the trunks. Members of the servitude. In addition, the old castles were often the subject of attentions of unsuccessful animals.

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So that the curtains also performed the practical function of defending themselves from such unpleasant visits. Soon, however, with the changing lifestyle of nobility and with increasing attention to hygiene, the bedroom also changes. But the gold canopy bed function is not just for the practical functions for which it was born. But for its beauty and for the pleasant feeling of protection and heat it can donate. In short, a radical transformation so much. So that today the canopy bed is one of the most beloved luxury symbols.

Also an indispensable element for true classical enthusiasts. Wooden canopy beds usually have a richly carved crown, with finishes matched to those used for the bed head. We can have such as a gold leaf, wood finish or even special finishes such as white gold canopy bed. The four-poster bed style, materials and finishes will be matched to the size of the bed so that it creates a harmonious combination. Even the fabrics, which are collected on the sides of the headboard, will be in coordinated colors. Usually preferring the same color as the floral motifs often featuring the heads.

A touch of class can ultimately be to match the canopy fabrics to the bedspread. These for a truly refined result. The four-poster bed, however, does not exist only in the wood version. The elegant and very interesting are in fact the proposals that see the upholstered canopy made in this case with the same fabric used below for the bed head and in padded version and captioned, or with the precious “bottons” that overlap the surface. A strictly manual workmanship, as well as all those that lead to the creation of the whole canopy bed. Because a truly luxurious and unique production can only be a craftsmanship.

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