Fantastic Stone Fire Pits Ideas

Jul 7th
Warm Stone Fire Pits
Warm Stone Fire Pits

Who would not want to have a stone fire pits at home and especially in the winter season? Surely many. It is that, the chimneys not only give heat, but also bring the beauty and strength of the fire element, making the home more welcoming. In addition, the chimneys are not only to be lit in winter, but at any time of the year, even in the summer! In this book of ideas, we share six designs of fireplaces that are distinguished by being made mainly of stone, extraordinary and to be designed for any stay of the home.  They all break with the concept of traditional fireplace, since, although they are characterized by logs, they are all designed to obtain a higher heat output and safety.

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Totally in stone and not only to give warmth to the house. This chimney design is for dividing rooms, for example the dining room and the living room or the bedroom of the bathroom; it depends our tastes and needs. Although in this picture, the fireplace looks great, the same idea we can take it for smaller spaces. It does not necessarily have to be horizontal, it can also be vertical. The idea is here, it’s up to you to develop it, do you like it?

Fireplace that is embedded in a wall that divides the outside of the house with the interior. The stone fire pits outdoor has windows on both sides, so it can be admired and enjoyed, either from the living room, the inside of the house, or from the semi-outdoor terrace. A modern fireplace, whose glass doors protect the fire from the wind, at the same time it recovers heat and allows to regulate the firewood, conserving to the maximum the produced heat. Without doubt, a fireplace that brings warmth, personality and modern touch to any space! The most special? is covered in stone.

If you like stone, but want to combine it with other materials, this fireplace design is for you: metal, concrete and stone. A chimney composed of a metal tube in black, which adorns the double height space of the room. The tube, also called a bell, although in this case it does not have the shape, not only has the function of hot air rising through it, but also an imposing and decorative element. The base of the fireplace is polished concrete and on the top has a natural stone coating, which accentuates the rustic warmth in the environment where it is placed. Stone fire pits designed for interior and exterior.

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